Custom Task / NotFoundException


I just try to develop a custom task in Xibo 1.8.11.
I have created the following .task-File:
“name”: “My Bee Task”,
“class”: “\Xibo\Custom\Bee”,
“options”: {}
and placed it in the Xibo\Custom-Folder.

In the same folder I put the Bee.php-File.
namespace Xibo\Custom;

class Bee

/** @inheritdoc */
public function run()
$this->log->debug(‘Hello Bee’);
$this->runMessage .= __(‘Done’) . PHP_EOL . PHP_EOL;


Beside the code shown above, the file contains all functions from the TaskInterface.

If I plan and run the task, I get a NotFoundException thrown in Task.php.
If I place the files into /tasks and lib/xtr with a changed namespace (to Xibo/XTR) everything is working.

Is this behavior correct or a failure?
If it is correct, how can I create tasks using Docker?

I tested this on Windows 10 with Docker and with a manual Installation (XAMPP), both with the same result.


that should be with double \ ie \\Xibo\\Custom\\Bee

Your Bee class should implement TaskInterface and use TaskTrait

If it still won’t work for you, please enable CMS debugging, run the XTR and show us the stack trace to the error you’re getting.

Why I did not see that myself?