Custom schedule not working at sometime

I am using cms 1.8.13 self hosted. i have a few recurring schedules in my displays. its like mon to friday 6 am to 10 am, mon to friday 10 am to 3 pm , sat and sun 10 am to 3 pm etc. i have created custom schedule for each. for ex. start date 24/1/2022, start time 10.00 . end date 24/1/2022 and end time 15.00. and i have repeated the schedule weekly and added monday to friday as days of the week to repeat the even. and repeat every 1 day. kept the until field blank. this schedule is working fine sometimes. Sometimes the content is not playing at this time evn if the device is online. If i edit the schedule without changing anything, after i save the schedule, the content will be downloaded. I am using the version 1.8 R108 in the android player. The android box make is Amkette. Can anyone help me with this