Current Layout and Storage not displayed for windows players

Bug report

Windows client 1.7.2
CMS 1.7.2

Windows Display = LSCELANTBA001
Android Display = Minix X7 mini

In Displays - Extended Display Status view, the Current Layout, Storage Available, Storage Total, Storage Free % is not displayed correctly.

Unable to attached screenshot.
Screenshot available upon request.

Current Layout = NULL
Storage Available, Storage Total = 0
Storage Free % = 100

This only happens on the Windows client.

On Android it works correctly.

In Display, Settings Profile, default WIndows profile is assigned.

In Display Settings Profile, Notify Current Layout = Checked (On)


Donny Yeo

Sorry, this hasn’t been implemented in Windows yet.

The current layout should work though - assuming the option has been turned on in the display profile?

Tested a few times on Windows player.
Reinstalled CMS and Windows player

I comfirm that Windows player do not report the Current Layout, Storage Available, Storage Total, and Storage Free.

It reports as , 0, 0, 100 respectively.

OK, thanks for the follow up - we will need to try and confirm the current layout issue before reporting as a bug. I’ve bookmarked this to take a look when I can

Sorry for the delay.
We can confirm that there is a bug with collecting details regarding current layout on Windows player.

The EXE attached to issue 518 fixes the problem with current layout details