Csv file data changes every minute

Newbie question I am sure. First I am not a programmer.

I have a csv file contaning progressive jackpot totals(for the gaming industry) where the total changes every few seconds (theses changes would need to be updated in xibo) I am trying to display this content on xibo player with animation. My first idea was to use powerpiont as my presentation and bring the progressive total in with a dataset linked to the csv file however I am not able to overlay the powerpoint presetation with a dataset region and canot change the text formatting in powerpoint if I link my csv file to powerpoint. Does anyone have suggestions that a non- programmer could use. I am totally stuck???

my suggestion on this would be html pages, where you would get the csv data from other place and not the xibo cms dataset (of course you could access xibo db directly and get that).

I would go with: REST (to return CSV/data in json format) and HTML5 displaying the live data on xibo player.

And sorry, I see you are a non-programmer, maybe you could do that using freelancer.net ? :smile: