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Hi, I would like to implement a rather complex pattern for displaying ads and I´m trying to find out if this is possible without custom code:

Case 1:

I would like to have 6 different campaigns / scheduled layouts, with every third to fourth advertisement in each one being a pre-determined fixed ad, regardless of which campaign is currently running . I understand this could be possible with “Interrupt Layout Event”?

Case 2:

Same as before, 6 different campaigns / scheduled layouts, but the fourth ad (for example) in the sequence would have user assignable content which always displays in the same position in the schedule.

Hi and welcome,

I dont think you can do what you want with the Schedule and you might need to look at using Playlists on a Layout instead. You could have a Playlist with a fixed number of Spots.

Interrupt Layouts might work, but they would not guarentee the position of those ads, only that they were shown for a certain percentage of the time. Interrupt Layouts are quite a long way down the roadmap for the Linux Player at this stage.

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