Creating a Table

I want to create a table with different background colors per line/columns and when I want to modify something to be possible to modify a single cell and after that to schedule it to my displays. Is it possible to do this?

You should look at using a DataSet/DataSetView to achieve that.

Thank you! I want to ask you something, in a column of the table I want to add images and I saw that I can choose the data type for a specific column to be “Image” but how can I insert an image into it?

In 1.7 series it’s only possible to add external images there (hosted and publicly accessible).
So you can for example paste some links from imgur there.

In 1.8 series (currently in alpha stages) it is also possible to link images from the CMS library there.

It would be very helpful! I filled an image into a cell but may I resize it with a script in that html code? So in this release 1.7.6 images are displayed only if that image is up on Internet?
If I want to change the font colour for a single cell or the background color, may I do this or should I manipulate just a particular column or row?

I tried and it is working even if the image is on your PC, you have to put it on htdocs in xampp and copy the path to it.

That is a good workaround for the moment - as peter said you would use a library image in 1.8. In both cases the players will cache the image for offline playback, as you’d expect.

I try to resize the height of the table, but it doesn’t work. I took the code from your example and I just added the height attribute.

table.DataSetTable {
font-family:“Trebuchet MS”, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Another question is if I can add another row up to the heading row, so the heading row will be the 2nd row of the table and to have the same properties?

Thanks in advance!

I found the problem about the “height”, I had to specify the pixels and now it is working. It remains the question about the heading row if someone knows. Thank you!