Create php system to alter DataSet contents


I need to make a “side system” to alter content from a Data Set. There will be only the need to alter infos, not include or exclude.

Can I simply consult the DataSetData table and alter change those values?

Yes you can do that if you want for 1.7 - the datasetdata table is removed in 1.8. You’d also want to update the lastUpdated date on the dataset table.

What is the structure of this LastDataEdit?

I didn’t get it… It shows this: 1455759641

I presume that I need to change it for the player see that has new data to download. Can I simply add +1 on this value?

About the CMS version. How the DataSet will be stored in the 1.8? Could I do something similar to change values of them?

Another question… How can I save custom html settings on the dataset? For exemple, save this: <p style="color:ff0000">aaa</p>
This way, I can save some visual properties in the DataSet.

This is a UNIX time - you’d set it to time() or the equivalent in your language of choice.

They will be stored in a table directly - dataset_%d where %d is the datasetId. You can adjust the data directly - it will actually be easier I think. However i’d encourage you to do this via the API.

Perhaps you could save the HEX colour, and then refer to that in the style sheet? This is really a separate question for the support category. :smile: