Correct format of Excel webpage graphics for use in client?

Does anyone know what the correct graphics type should be when publishing a webpage in Excel to be used in Xibo CMS?

Each time I try (using different options each time) I cannot get the graphic to be accepted by Xibo, it shows the broken graphic icon in the area it should be showing the published one.

Basically I am trying to use Excel to collect data and republish the page when a change to the data is made, then use Xibo to display the webpage in certain areas of the screen, the webpage contains 3 different values of changable data that when published to a folder are in the form of both .gif and .png.


Peter H

Sorry, not sure quite what you’re doing - are you referencing the webpage generated by Excel in Xibo, or just the images?

Sorry, translation - I am trying to creatte a real time display into Xibo by using a live changing value in excel, excel then saves this as a webpage and autopublishes itself each time the value changes. The act of publishing simply over writes the existing files in the folder where Xibo picks them up from.The name of the file stays the same.

Within Xibo I am trying this method by using the “Embedded” option with some small html code to point at the image.
< img src=“C:\Users\site\Desktop\Pagetest_files\Active_value1.png”>

What actually displays in the area where the graphic should be is an icon of a broken image, I have checked the permissions, tested the link, uploaded the graphc independantly and tested other images.
So what I am trying to find out is how to use the embedded option correctly in respect of making this work as I am certain it will eventually.

Hi, try using “text” instead of “embedded”. You can either (in graphic editor) insert photo field and use your link in config fields, or switch to HTML and use your entire link.
It works for me well.
Using this should refresh photo every time layout is loaded.

Hi Karol,

Thanks for the method, not sure this will work as not tested yet, you say the image will refresh each time the layout is loaded - I am hoping to have a screen layout permanantly on screen and update certain fields automatically similar to images within a website that might be used on the display.

Will test and let you know.


Is that the same user as Xibo is logged in as? It could be a funky permissions issue?

Essentially the way you are using it should work - you are in effect referencing a Local File.