Copyright on layouts

How can one infringe good protected copyrights on produced layouts?
Now inside the system it is too easy to get them pirated out just by exporting or changing usernames.

Or you make sure you have only one with admin rights.

Put the right copyright notice on it (I’d suggest CC BY-SA 3.0). Then it becomes illegal to ‘pirate’ your layouts and you can sue them in court for lots of money when they do.

However I’ve noticed that treating your customers as criminals is not good for business. Just encapsulate it in your contract that people can’t copy your layouts.

As soon as someone can ‘see’ them, they can be copied (you can copy them out of the preview or from the player or just take a screenshot and re-create them). If you don’t want that, don’t let anyone see your layout.

You can modify the templates to hide the export buttons, you can obfuscate your layouts, modify Xibo to the point that your layouts won’t work on other Xibo installations but again, these are just workarounds, if someone wants to take it, they will take it.

Well, yeah, pirating around in software industry is a big problem.
And as you want people to see them. We are only interested in having a kind of document lock so people cant just edit them too easy. Like office docs. Copyright notices can be removed too easy now and for you to prove who made it first…

Narrow casting can be used to
1: Commercial purpose, i.e. sell latest car model on big screen
2. Non-commercial, to display public information of any kind.

No problem with copycats in section 1. In section 2 people tend to “borrow” your work, which is fine also unless they take it to section 1. again to make big money.

Again, copyright still protects your work. Sure someone could rip it off, but to do so is illegal. Media places will go after people using their designs especially in commercial settings.

Either way, there is no technical solution to this issue, there is only a legal one so I’d suggest you talk to an attorney if someone is ripping off your work. But where I am at, I see none of that actually going on, there is plenty of free (both as in beer and as in speech) higher quality content these days from various sources to make the effort to rip off a high profile design unless you’re actually counterfeiting a product.