Continue standard layout schedule after specific events

Hi everyone,

I’m using Xibo to for playing about 100 short videos as well as some powerpoint slides. The schedule is predefined within the respective standard layout.

Now, I want to show some short information (repeating event during the next 5 days, every 15 min.) … my problem:

After finishing this short information slides, the standard layout starts from the beginning. Accordingly, only the first couple of videos are possible to present. After 15 min. the event “cuts” the schedule again and again.

  1. Is it possible to enable a kind of feature for continue the last schedule?

  2. If not, does a best practice solution exist for this kind of problem?

  3. Does Xibo provide a random play option for a pool of video files? This would be a good work-arround.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,


All good questions - and all things which have been requested in the Features section of this community. They should be easy to find by searching that category.

The short answer is that a “Layout” is considered as a whole unit in Xibo and won’t ever be shown separately - i.e. it will always start from the beginning. Random widgets from the list is something we want to add though.

The only workaround is to split your 100 long video layout into smaller layouts.