Content not updating on Android box


Hello - I have taken over management of Xibo on two Android boxes in my workplace fairly recently. All has been going well until recently one has stopped updating content. When I physically go and look at the display everything is working normally but the CMS tells me “Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server”

The display is logged in, on the Manage screen shows as being last seen x seconds ago, but still says “This Display hasn’t connected since updates have been made in the CMS.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Both boxes are DSDevices J19 and running Xibo_for_Android_v1.8_R108_DSDevices


I’d guess that perhaps you have a Download Start/Finish time set on the display settings profile assigned to your second Player, which is preventing it from coming up to date.

If that’s the case, try swapping it to the same profile as the other Player and that should resolve it.


Thanks for you response alex, the settings are identical on both displays (except the hardware key of course) and as far as I am aware no one would have gone near any settings anyway.

Maybe I will try a rebuild.


Hi lauridpher, I wanted to check in on this issue and find out if your Display is still not updating? Could you confirm if the issue is resolved?

Many Thanks.


Hello - yes, all sorted after a rebuild


Excellent news! Glad it is now resolved.

Many Thanks.