Content go blank

Hi everyone, I already installed XIBO player to the screen. and let the content run 24/7. But something come out when i saw the xibo didn’t run the content instead go blank.(in xibo system still online)
i need to reboot the the player or restart the client so the content will play again, but not so long the issue still happen.
can someone help me solve this.

Could you please confirm CMS and player version?

What kind of content is scheduled to that player? Has the problems started after some specific layout was scheduled?

I use Xibo Digital Signage version 1.8

The problem started after I assign full vertical layout to 1080x1920 format screens which is the layout also 1080x1920 resolution. content scheduled format I use Videos MP3 formats and JPG formats.

You need to give exact version numbers please for the Player and CMS you’re using.

When the screen goes black, please press “i” assuming it’s a Windows Player and take a screenshot of the status screen and pop it here, redacting your server URL if you wish, and any other sensitive information.