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At our rental agancy (houses) we are working over a year with Xibo for displaying our portefolio. We currently make in a other program an image per house (displaying House name; house images; prices; Amenities) and uploud this image in a playlist in Xibo. As you can understand, this is quite a lot of work.

Our question is there a better way to do it all in Xibo?
Something to connect content so if
region A = House name X
Fill region B with media House X
Fill region C with price House X
Fill region D with Amenities House X

region A = House name Z
Fill region B with media House Z
Fill region C with price House Z
Fill region D with Amenities House Z

Hello, did you get anything??? I am interested.

No unfortunately no ideas or solutions received yet from the community or from Xibo

I think with DATASET but I don’t have a real estate system to test

Hi VincentNL, welcome to the community!

Fernando_GBJ is correct that using a dataset would be an alternative method for updating your layouts with the latest house price information and images.

I’ve created a very simple demonstration of what you could do with a dataset. If you would like a copy of my test layout and dataset just let me know and I can export it for you. Please note that I have used CMS version 3.2.0 but this functionality is also available in CMS version 2.

The dataset:

First I create my dataset and create a column for each of the house details you mentioned in your message:


You can see in my screenshot how I have configured the Data Type and Column Type for each column. Please note that this is a basic test and is not set up as a remote dataset. If your house data is kept in a remote dataset and formatted to JSON or CSV, you could also pull the data into the columns remotely. This guide explains how to do that, including how to configure your remote data columns.

Please also note that for this test I have set the Image column to Library Image so that I can upload the image to my CMS library and choose it from there. You can also configure this column as an External Image column, which would allow you to enter a URL that will retrieve an image saved at that address. Which is best for your setup is up to you.

The data:

Now I can click the View Data button, then click Add Row so I can enter the information for each house.

For example:

I also create a row for House Z and now we have two rows of house data ready for use:

The layout:

In your message you mentioned that you would like to have individual regions that display each detail about house X and Z. I have decided to show you how to do this in a single region, not only to demonstrate how to use the dataset row data but also because including all of the information in a single region ensures that all of the data changes at the exact same time. Regions are not synchronised, so you could find a slight drift in the timing of the regions changing after a while, depending on how your layout is configured.

I use a Dataset Ticker so I can configure it however I want. There are a lot of configuration options but I will point out the ones most important for this example:

On the Appearance tab I set the Effect to Paged: No transition. If you want one row entry to appear at a time you must make sure you use the Paged options.

On the Template tab on the Main option I set Visual editor to On and click the Edit button in the preview window. You can see that clicking the Snippets option reveals each column. Now I write some text I want to appear all of the time and add each snippet to the appropriate area in my layout region

When I save this configuration:

The ticker is set to paged so automatically moves to the next row data after the duration time I set in the widget:

Now all I need to do is manage the dataset row data and any changes will be updated in the layout for me. The time taken for the data to update in the layout will be broadly based on the Update Interval set in the Caching tab for the ticker widget:

Please note that the lower the update interval, the more calls the player would need to make to your CMS to keep checking for and downloading new data.

I hope this provides an alternative way for you to structure your house data so it can be used with your players.

Many Thanks.

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