Connect to your CMS screen

The android client stays on the connect to your CMS screen and does not connect to our CMS, the address of the CMS has been triple checked and is correct, and it still does not connect

Hi blazink,

Can be a connectivity issue? try opening any website in browser and check if it works? also just check if cms address connects on a windows client of xibo or you face the same issue.


Opening any website, and the cms address location in the browser does work fine.

I assume you tried to access the CMS in the android browser on your android device?
Xibo for Android should return an error if there is something wrong with the CMS address/key or if it can’t connect to it.

Could you please confirm what’s the CMS and client version please?

It could be good to let us know what device are you using (mark, model, android version)?

Greetings, the CMS version is 1.7.8, and client version 1.7. We are using an android device model mk808bplus, and android version 4.4.2. After this screen it goes back to “unable to connect to that CMS address”.

While we do have some android clients that are connected to our CMS, This error seems to be happening regularly as we move forward trying to add other clients to our network.

Bandwidth or firewall not able to keep up with the amount of traffic?