Confirm layout was actually updated and showing new edits on the displays

CMS Version: 1.8.13
Player Type: Android boxes

Currently the client has me edit existing layouts to add, remove, or rearrange images that show in 10 second interval rotation on the displays.

After I edit the layout I can go to the “Displays” tab and see the displays affected (with that layout selected) turn yellow momentarily and update, but often it’s very fast and I don’t even see that before they turn green.

I try the “Request Screenshot” to see, but if I have four or five images in rotation it’s hard to use this method to confirm the display is actually showing the new edits to the layout.

Is there a log I can review that will confirm the display was updated and the screens it’s showing? I am having to call the client right now to confirm they see my changes (usually additions or removals of certain images in the rotation)… and this is annoying as my list of displays grows. There has to be a simple way of seeing this in the backend.

Thanks for the help in advance everyone!

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