Configure alternating multiple layout's on one display

For or OR department in out hospital we would like to configure a display to show alternating layouts/screens. This displays should show General information and OR specific information in an alternating matter, each for about 30 seconds. I tried to use scheduled campaigns for this purpose but only the first layout is shown.
I know that I’m making some mistakes and would like someone to help me out in this matter. Thanks in advance

Build 2 layouts with 30 seconds duration content.
Schedule “Layout 1” for DayStart (e.g. 09/06/2015) DayEnd (09/06/2015) TimeStart (00:00) TimeEnd (23:59)
Priority not required (no flag)
Flag “Repeat Daily” and chose "Repeat Until (31/12/2015) (23:59)

Duplicate same settings for "Layout 2"
Et. Voilà

Be sure to select the right layout’s name


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Thanx a lot,

It’s working now except for the duration, the layouts switch at approximately 1 minute 45, but I will figure that out later.

You’re help is very much appreciated. We will enroll a patient/guest information system with it in two hospitals and will surely donate fair donation.