Config.env help

im trying Xibo out for the first time and im trying to set CMS 1.8 up and running on Ubuntu 16.04 x64.
everything goes well until i get to the point where i need to Edit the config. im a noob and i need help to edit these configs.
this is what i’ve done so far (btw i know i’ve screwed up a major part of those configs :smile: ) :


SMTP Server Hostname

SMTP Username

SMTP Password


Use a TLS Connection YES/NO


Use a STARTTLS Connection YES/NO


Rewrite domain (the domain your email will appear to come from)

Hostname that we should identify ourself to the remote server as

Can the From line be overridden in the outbound email

NB GMail will rewrite the From address anyway so it’s not important

for GMail - YES/NO


It is sometimes necessary to configure the webserver running inside

the container to know the DNS name by which you will normally

access the CMS. For most installations this is unnecessary and can

be left as default, however, if you know this, it won’t hurt to

set it

i’ve done the above changes but im Encountering the following error :
Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen. SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘cms’@‘’ (using password: NO)

What should i do differently?

You missed to enter a value for MYSQL_PASSWORD =
If you find it hard to follow written instructions, try following this video:

i just set a random password for MYSQL and im still encountering the same error.

I still need help on this. any help would be appreciated.

You get one shot at creating the MySQL container with the password. Once it’s been created, then setting that password won’t do anything.

You need to remove the container, and it’s persistent data, before you can try again

docker-compose down
rm -r shared/db
docker-compose up -d

Thank u sir. i reached the CMS login screen. i have another NOOB question. so the username and the password i must use are the info that i wrote in front of SMTP Username and SMTP Password ? if not what is it? cuz i haven’t given the Config.env any other info.

xibo_admin and password.

Please do read the install guide which documents that.

alright. thank u sir. u are a myth :smiley:
seriously thank u <3

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