Common Alert Protocol

I am looking for some information on integrating our campus alerts, CAP(Common Alert Protocol) into xibo. I can see that this is not supported but is it possible to make an extension?

You could make a module that supported CAP - provide the CAP alerts are readily available in some format and can be referenced by PHP running on your CMS (i’m sure you can tell that I haven’t had time to read the docs!).

There is a module template in modules or you could look at the twitter.module.php as an example of what is possible.

This does assume you want your CAP alerts in a Layout in much the same way as other media is displayed.

I will look at that thanks. The CAP alert is in a standard format. The goal would be when an alert issued to insert that message into a layout and send that layout to players. Then when the alert is over return the players to the previous layout.

In that case its probably a job for the API then (which is in BETA) - so that you have an integration whereby the API makes a change to the layout, inserting the alert text, and reverting it once the alert is over.