CMS stops playing video but plays still images?

I have the Xibo Cloud CMS set up using Windows PC to run a display. The layout I’m running is a 60sec still image followed by 4x 20sec video clips (mp4) then the still image again & this loops.

When I publish the layout everything works fine for a while, perhaps 24hrs, but then for some reason the videos stop playing and the sign is blank for the duration of the videos before returning to the still image. If I login to the PC & restart then everything runs ok again until the issue starts again.

What might be causing this? I’ve used Xibo with various displays but I’ve never had this problem. The PC is new and my is running at 1280x720 so it shouldn’t be overloading it.

The display is running: Xibo client v2.0.0.201
PC is: Mini PC 4GB RAM 64GB ROM, Windows 10

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