CMS Reset - Users and Content gone


I just did a restart of the Xibo server computer (Windows 10), and all the users and content are gone. The content still exists in the library folder.

I tried doing the docker-compose stop/start like I usually do, but that didn’t work this time.

On Windows, Docker relies on the host OS to provide the mapped files the container needs to see your content.

Perhaps something changed in the host OS that prevents that happening. If you open the Docker settings, please unshare and re-share the drive, and then stop/start the container again.

That did the trick!

I believe I had the wrong cached credentials with a password that had been changed. When I did the unshare and re-share it asked for credentials, so I put in the correct ones, then did the stop/start.

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Every time docker has to restart on our Win10 box it requires an unsharing and re-sharing of the drive and a stop/start of the container. Is this to be expected? ’


You shouldn’t have to unshare-reshare each time (unless you’ve changed passwords in the interim), but you will need to stop/start the containers after each reboot yes.

I am having to unshare/share after each reboot. I am running Win10 v1803 x64.