CMS Question :Unable to connect that CMS Address

My xibo is installed to the root of the htdocs in xampp
the address is:

When i use my computers ip:
i get a message saying, unable to connect to cms at that address,

Your HTTPS certificate isn’t valid. You need to either use a properly signed HTTPS certificate or add the certificate to the Windows certificate store on each Player so that the web browser sees it as a valid signed certificate.

Also remove the trailing / from the CMS address. It should finish xibo not xibo/

hello! im facing the same issue, but with a server url, not localhost. It was working fine a few days ago, but i think that the guys from the server they made some changes with htaccess or php, i dont know well… could you help me what could it be problem?? im using version 1.8.2 on both, platform and client android. (I downloaded the windows client and I also have a problem: HTTP 404, not found).

I can directly enter the url by the player with android, I load the platform correctly, but not by the app. the app keep says: Unable to Connect to that CMS.

Sorry for my english :frowning:

You’d need to contact your server admin and ask what they changed. 404 means “not found” so perhaps they deleted some of Xibo’s files.