CMS Key and Library path

Well somehow i got the database installed even when I couldn’t get the page to “Use an existing datbase” but without that page I couldn’t set a key, if there is a key in the system then I have no idea where to find it. Anyone help ?

The key is shown on the settings page, but if you’ve not completed the installer then there may well not be one set.

You can set the library path in the settings page too.

Thanks Alex, I found where the secret key is it’s in the settings.php as you say.
The xibo player option key was blank and local library “c:\xampp\htdocs\xibo\lib” if that’s correct ?
Save and launch client takes me to http://localhost/xibo/index.php?p=index
Webpage and the logo Xibo please provide your credentials…
and nothing works ?
won’t let me in ?

I can see the Databse is built within the PHPmyAdmin

You really need to go through the install properly.

The initial user gets created as part of that process, so as it stands there are no users in your system to log in as.

If I were you, I’d drop the database, remove the CMS installation files, and start again.

You definitely don’t want to set your CMS library path to the lib directory - it should be an empty folder in a non-web servable location (eg C:\XiboLibrary)

Well to be honest I’ve installed and uninstalled 4 times now
and all cases I can’t get past the bit were it says "connect to an existing database"
I fill in the details and it always returns to the previous page as in “create a database” or “connect to an existing database”. I know I have to get past this stage to create the connection but I’m stuck. Is it compatible with windows7 32bit as I’m tearing my hair out

I’ve been playing around with Apache php MySQL for years, I’m very experienced but this has got me well stuck

Btw I did what you mentioned and dropped the database, rebuild it but the asking for user and password but won’t accept anything. I did follow a youtube video but as I say I’m stuck

All sorted now Alex and I’ve done 2 computers now 1 for backup and it’s working very well. Been busy that’s why it’s taken so long


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