CMS error code HTTP/1.1 500

I’m using xibo 1.7.9 on a webhosting platform. I don’t have rights to start or stop any services.
I only have rights to check the maps (FTP) and database (MySQL).

After a crash of the server the provider places a backup back on the server. I can see that the clients get connection to the xibo webserver. This is working.

Only we don’t get connected to the CMS webpage. I’m getting a error HTTP/1.1 code 500.

What can I check to see why the CMS is not running (file rights, SQL setting or logging)?

It’s hard to say why without knowing what happened, but I’d guess either the backup was incomplete, the filesystem permissions are wrong, or the database backup is bad/or has crashed tables.

You’d need to check off each.

We don’t recommend running Xibo on shared hosting for those reasons - you likely won’t be able to access the tools you need to resolve this!