CMS database error


I’m seeing this error appear in CMS error logs every half hour or so:
(Xibo server is debian jessie, server version 1.7.4, all clients are 1.7.4)

“mysql_query() expects parameter 2 to be resource, null given 2 Warning /var/www/xibo/modules/module_db_mysql.php

module_db_mysql.php line 67 is:

// Run the query
if(!$result = mysql_query($SQL, $this->connection))

Everything seems to be working fine, but I’m wondering what’s the error about and should it be corrected?

Hmm, that’s odd - it would imply it is trying to make a query without a valid connection - despite the connection begin configured at the start of each request.

As it is a regular message I would suggest it related to a player polling - you could enable debugging to see what was happening around that time, but if everything is working then I would be inclined to ignore it (as a warning it shouldn’t be visible without debugging enabled?!)

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You’re right, the error seems to have been related with polling a couple of players that were running in headless mode.

We turned those off and the error has not appeared since.


Ah OK, interesting!

I am not sure what the root cause would be in that case - sounds like they were calling something they shouldn’t have been…