CMS dashboard empty!

i don’t know why my cms dashboard is empty !!!

Could you please give further details as to what CMS version you are using (including revision number) and is this a Cloud / Docker or custom install?

XIBO v2.3.3 and it’s not a new installation, and cutom install , but my dahsbord working very well for a long time and even on v2.3.3 but i don’t know what, last day i lost data in dashboard ( like picture ) i cleared cache of chrome without success

Have you made any changes to your setup before this happened?

Do you still see your Display information in the Displays grid?

Try running a fault report and go to the dashboard to see if there are any logs that might indicate what is happening when it tries to load.

thank’s natasha , Now my dashboard rework !! i don’t know
what happened !!

No problem, glad that’s solved itself :slight_smile:

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