CMS / Client 1.8.2 - No update of the client display

Have a layout with a text region. When I change the text, the changed text is not displayed on the client. Also changing the time in the region brought no change. XMR works smoothly. The normal collection interval has already been executed.
It would still display the old text.

What’s the layout duration? Do you have ‘Expire modified layout’ option enabled in display profile?
I assume it’s just this one region with one widget (text)?

duration: 30
Expire modified layouts: enabled
Layout: one region with 2 widgets (both text)

I can’t recreate it locally I’m afraid, it changes instantly for me (thanks to XMR).

Could you do that test with few images, then change images to see if they will change on the player?

I suggest images, because you will be able to look at schedule.xml / requiredFiles.xml to check what the player ‘thinks’ it should display.

Alternatively with just text, there should be .htm files in the player local library, presumably those are outdated as well?
What about the {layoutId}.xlf files in player local library?

Examination finished !

After editing the text, I saved …

Then I pressed “Close”. I did not want to change the order.

I had already stored the new text in the previous window.

If you do not click “Save Order” then the text on the client is not updated. Perhaps it is possible to change that. But I can live with it.

Interesting, I tried that as well and the text was updated when the layout reloaded.

Layout flag should be changed no matter if you click ‘Close’ or ‘Save Order’ in this case, as long as you did save your changes to text widget of course.

If you’re willing to look at it further, then please do check those files in player local library and see if they are updated, although if they are it would be a bit odd for the player to display cached version instead.