CMS Capability associated to Clients

Hello All,

I am currently using CMS 1.7.6 on window. I am inquiring how many client device could be plugged into one CMS? I guess that that depends on CMS system requirement (high speed processor, enough memory and etc) and client device.

Your feedback might be a decent information.
I would appreciate for your feedback.


There is no hard limit for that it will depend on your web server / network and to some extent on the content you will send to your players.

It would be hard to give you any hard values regarding how powerful server you need at this point, as we don’t know much details about your project.

We just highly recommend to use newest version ie
CMS 1.7.8
Windows 1.7.8
Android 1.7 R61

Then of course 1.8 when we release it later this year.

Hello Peter

I appreciated for your feedback.