CMS 3.3.2 - suddenly slow run

Using 3.3.2 CMS, there are ~200 players connected with the CMS
Docker Installation on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

I have full set of Maintenance tasks running periodically:
Running Task

Server has 32 GB RAM & 40 Core CPU and usually there is 20 GB free RAM CPU Almost Free of 32 Core.


I have also noticed in ‘docker state’ that the xibo_cms-web_1 is on the RAM limit of 20 GB but there are using maximum 2 GB use.
I have already increased Ram on all containers.

Docker stats

Please help resolve this problem…


3.3.2 has an issue with performance. in my case it was slow CMS to not responding.
Fix is to update to 3.3.3

** UPDATE: 2023-01-13 **
We have discovered an issue with this release which causes high database load and players to stop updating with the CMS. This issue only effects users who have Layouts with Interactive Actions that “Navigate to Layout”.

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