CMS 2.3.5 & Windows Player v2 254.1 Special Characters

Hi guys,
We have now been using both CMS 2.3.5 with Windows player v254.1 and discovered the following issue which is pretty serious.

If the name of the media item or the name of the layout includes any of these, the player will crash and show only the splash screen and will not download or display anything.
Here are the characters or at least the ones we know causing problems.

As far as i can tell, version 1.8 was not as vulnerable as the version 2 is while special characters were used.
Why peoples does use these characters when naming the media items or layouts?
this i cannot answer but we need to do a quick fix for this and make sure,
Option 1
CMS, will not accept if the layout name or media item name includes special (or what i call forbidden characters) characters during the creation of the layout and uploading the media items.
Option 2
We simply make sure all characters are accepted.

Any chance of having a fix for this as soon as possible?

Many thanks!

I have tried to replicate this but have been unable to do so.

Layouts named with all of those special characters download and play as expected. It’s expected because the layout and media names never leave the CMS. The Players see only layout and media IDs.

I think what might be happening is you’re getting somehow bad cache CMS side, and renaming or editing the layout is clearing the cache and allowing a new download. I think editing and saving the display will give the same result as renaming the layout.

Hi Alex,
many thanks for the response!
you are correct!
if we knowingly add layouts named with special characters, it doesn’t stop playing.
The strange thing here is,
every player with the issue had a special character at some places (media item or layout), after clearing the character, re-installing and re-assigning the player to CMS, we were able to make it work.

This makes it more complicated.
We will do nothing to fix at the next issue and i will contact to support once i have the same issue.

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