CMS 2.3.1 Dataset formula calculation order and recalculation

CMS Version 2.3.1 (Xibo in the cloud)

Player Type Windows (10Pro)

Player Version 2R200


Q1. When are formula columns recalculated? I have edited data that should produce a new result in a formula column. That is not what is happening.
Q2. If there are 2 formula columns in a dataset and one formula depends on the result of another formula column, does the calculation/recalculation order follow this dependency tree?
Q3. What am I doing wrong in trying the following to compare values of two formula columns?

Dataset definition:
col1: enteredDate, date, value
col2: formulaDayEnteredDate, formula, number: date_format(enteredDate,‘%w’)
col3: formulaDayCurrentDate, formula, number: date_format(current_date(),‘%w’)

Data CSV:
“ID”, “enteredDate”, “formulaDayEnteredDate”, “formulaDayCurrentDate”
“3”, “2020-03-08 00:00”, “0”, “0”
“6”, “2020-03-07 00:00”, “6”, “0”
“9”, “2020-03-09 00:00”, “1”, “0”

Trying to Add the following column and get an error message:

Hope you can help point out something simple I am overlooking.


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