CMS 1.8.10 is compatible with 1.6 clients?


I have an almost full 1.8.10 environment installed and working, the bad is that a couple of clients must run 1.6 Xibo client, no way to upgrade.
According to you it’s possible to run 1.6 clients using 1.8.10 CMS ?


I don’t think so, I’m afraid.

In general you should always use player and CMS in the same series.

Why are saying that you can’t upgrade couple of the players if you don’t mind me asking?

The only scenario where it is truly impossible, would be if you’re using the old linux players, in which case it will not work against 1.8 CMS (or 1.7 for that matter).

For Android I believe the earliest version you can use against 1.8 CMS is 1.7R58, for Windows 1.7.9 should work, but as I mentioned you should be using players and CMS in the same series.

Hello, I have a couple of embedded XP clients that it’s impossible to upgrade to 7.

XP embedded will run 1.7.10 I believe, and that can talk to a 1.8 series CMS, assuming the Player was connected before the upgrade was run on the CMS.

Not all functionality will work though, but it will try its best to show your content.