CMS 1.8.1 - Region can not be moved

The small region can not be moved. It always moves only the big region. No layer settings were made.

Google Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m

We did make some improvements to handling region behind bigger regions, but in this case, you will need to move bigger region first, as there is no way to mouse over only the smaller region.

If there would be at least small part of the small region not completely behind bigger region, then you could move/edit it.

Thanks for your help. But with the version 1.7.x has always worked.

It works in a different way, in the case presented on your screenshot it indeed was perhaps better in 1.7.9 version.

Basically it is a tradeoff between the case where there are smaller regions, that partially overlap, which now (1.8) work quite well and didn’t work in 1.7 series vs the case where a region is completely covered by another (like in your screenshot).

Of course it’s quite possible that further changes to the layout designer will be made in the future.

Just out of curiosity - what is the use-case for having something completely covered by something else?

I first made the big region small and stored position. Then add region. Then wanted to move the added region to the right.

Understood! That is annoying - i’ve created a bug to see what we can do.