CMS 1.8.1 - Not possible to assign media from the library


On our test system, a user has produced the following. No idea how he did it.

Grid View Order Nr.)
4 x Nr. 1
2 x Nr. 2
1 x Nr. 3

After Switch to Timeline nothing is shown

It is not possible to assign media from the library

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The time for “Test-Layout1” (faulty layout from above) is displayed as 0

If you look at the first screenshot - there is obviously the displayOrder issue, but there is also no playlist (field is empty), which is rather odd, since at least in 1.8.1 you can’t really do that even on purpose via API.

All other screenshots are related to the missing playlist on this layout.

How was this layout added and then how were the widgets added to it?

Will try to contact the creator of the layout.

Tested itself, similar problem

New layout, 1 region. Add 3 jpgs to this region. Delete the first jpg. Then insert a text. Then it looks like in the picture.

I don’t think that’s the same issue, playlist is still there and presumably you can still add/edit items in the playlist.

Regarding this order, I believe that’s just a cache issue, if you were to save that and open it again it should show correct order number to your items ie 1, 2, 3.