CMS 1.7.2 - Wordpress webpage slides are skipped


I am using CMS 1.7.2 with Xibo for Android, I have a webpage in a region with the following wordpress URL

The problem is some slides are being skipped (only shown momentarily, rather than run for set length) randomly.

With CMS 1.6.4 and same client (same versions) all slides play correctly in order & as expected. Also it works fine in normal browser window, firefox & Chrome on Win 7 and Android and chrome for Android on Android 4.2

So, I assume the problem lies in CMS 1.7.2. I think the problem may be with some Javascript libraries that 1.7.2 is using or not using or version issues.

Could you plz test this at your end. I am not good in JS debugging and plz post your solution here.


Dan, pls have a look at this problem.


Plz use the new URL

As observed, the problem lies when using with CMS 1.7.2. With CMS 1.6.4 & in browser i.e. outside of xibo, all slides play in correct order. I think the problem may be with some Javascript libraries that 1.7.2 is using or not using or conflicting version issues. It’s a webpage media item.

I request you to plz try investigate this at your end.


You are correct that the way webpages work between 1.6 and 1.7 series has changed. There are more options in 1.7 series which allow for greater control over the size / position of the webpage.

The first thing to try is to set your webpage media to “Open Natively” - this means that none of the Xibo library files are used and the page you provide opens directly in the embedded browser.

Can you try that and let us know?

I’ve tried the URL you specify @btech with Open Natively and don’t see any difference between the Player and the same URL opened in Chrome.

Are u sure that worked correctly at your end.
I just tested it with a clean installation of XFA R53 and CMS 1.7.2 and webpage set to open natively but the problem persists.

Each slides has an image and a description alongside. The problem is that some of the slides images and descriptions are shown momentarily and then skips to next slides while the rest would shown for set length so the timing messes up the whole slideshow with irrelevant images for intended description.I hope that makes sense.

I would request you to first try it with CMS 1.6.4 to see how it should work.

I don’t see any text at all - even in Chrome. I see “Swine Flu Tips” then a succession of images, which is the same as I see in the Player

that because text color is white.

Might have been helpful to mention that then! :imp: Basically all the Player does is open the URL in a browser for a set amount of time. If the code you’ve written isn’t working in that environment then we won’t be able to offer you any insight in to why that might be I’m afraid.

but, the environment is same when the web media item is served from CMS 1.6.4 and that works correctly.

Against the same player version? One of the options on the webpage media in 1.7.3 is the same as 1.6.4’s webpage media type. Have you tried them all systematically?

I’ve run it again and I do see some difference between the version in Chrome and the version in the Player, however the only difference I see is that when the text changes, I see it briefly where it will end up before your entrance animation fires. You probably don’t see that on a faster PC as there’s much more processing power available to speed along animations like that.

If you change the order of your code so that the entering text is hidden and only shown once the animation runs then I don’t think you’ll have a problem. The mode that is most similar to 1.6.4 is “Manual position”.

Also I really see no reason this needs to be an embedded webpage? Why not create it directly in Xibo (with the added benefit that it’ll work predictably and work if your webserver goes offline!)

Shouldn’t your webpage provide a black background colour then?

After replacing background image in place of motion (video) background, this problem of webpage skipping seemed resolved and it seems, it was a machine processing issue. What’s surprising is that same environment, same layout (media items, no.of regions, resolutions) when served through CMS 1.6.4 irrespective of client version (tested with R50 & R53) works absolutely fine but when served through CMS 1.7.2, this problem occurs.

I think and as pointed out in the beginning of thread, inclusion of certain JS in the core beginning 1.7 series could be the root cause of webpage issues post CMS 1.7. The challenge is debugging out those scripts which I would love to but do not have the skill to.

Just my 2cents: As the app (xibo) is getting more feature rich, it’s becoming more processer/memory demanding which as you is not cool within Android sub-system/VM as it’s very stringent with app memory usage and which in my view is not particularly a good thing from a long term perspective. But, I do understand that with a small team it simply impossible to take every device into consideration.

Still if you guys can take some time and debug those scripts it would be great.


or atleast trim down the bloated / unnecessary scripts or probably minimize them or may be use a smart JS framework that smartly manages script within Android.

I’m sorry but we don’t include any bloated/unneccesary scripts, and they are already minmised! 1.7 series actually includes only the required javascript in each HTML include unlike 1.6 series which includes it all, all the time, regardless of whether or not it’s being used. You don’t seem to have any knowledge of how the system works under the hood so making random statements about how you imagine things have changed is unhelpful in the extreme! Both CMS and Player applications are measurably lighter in 1.7 series than in previous releases. We know this for a fact.

I’m not a full time developer so I’m sorry if I’ve made incorrect remarks with my limited knowledge of how xibo works under the hood but point I’m trying to make is that if same layout works perfectly with a previous version but not so well with a newer version under the same environment then problem most likely lies in the newer version and is a matter of investigation.

I would be happy to provide any details you might want to further investigate the issue and very pleased to know that current xibo version is actually lighter.


There are fewer rather than more and they are smaller.

One thing that is getting much harder as Xibo provides more features is understanding peoples problems - we simply don’t have the time we’d like :smiley: and comments about “bloated” this and “unnecessary” that tend to put us off helping.

In 1.6 there wasn’t an “open natively” option, but the equivalent is setting zoom = 100, offsets = 0. Between 1.6 and 1.7 there isn’t any difference at all once they are set up that way.

I can’t really rationalise this - it would be very interesting to compare the two XLF files if you’d be happy to provide them?

I did not mean to disregard the work you guys put into xibo but I do agree that the words choosen were a bit callous and only showed my ignorance with internal working of xibo and i apologize for that.

Pls find client xlf files extracted from /data/data/

CMS 1.6.4

CMS 1.7.2