Cloud9carousel animation not working smooth


We are using minix neo x5 with kitkat os and 2 version of Xibo for Android - 54 and 61 and CMS version 1.7.4

We have started using HTML layout for displaying the images in cloud9carousel animation jQuery Problem we are facing that rotation is not smoothly working in devices. While we preview the layout its working smoothly but in devices it is not working smoothly and glitches is having while rotation of items take place during display.

Please help us out to solve this issue and is their any guideline we have to follow for cloud9carousel animation jQuery than please share with us.

neo x5 is not a powerful device, I’m not sure how consuming this animation is though.

Could you please share the code with us so we can try it on our devices here in the office?

Hello Peter,

Link 1 :
Link 2 :

PFA of two link, which we had used for display rotate slider HTML layout in minix neo x5 device,
The link 1 animation is working smooth little bit but not Properly, and The second link animation is not at all smooth compare to first animation.

What we want is that smoothness what is experience and seen in the preview browser same type of smoothness is required in live device which is not the case in actual scenario.

Regarding Devices: We have also used latest Amlogic chipset devices which is having lollipop as OS. Same problem is being experience in that device also.

What do you mean by “latest Amlogic chipset”? Amlogic makes all sorts of chipsets.

Either way, the second link you shared (demo.html) works very clunky on my system as well (an i7). It’s very slow to respond to input. The second link barely does any animation.

Either way, a quick look at a profiler, even when ‘still’ your animation still consumes 10 events and 10 rendering frames per second (every 0.10s)