Clock time keeps drifting out

Hi there - really odd issue, hope someone can shed some light on it.

Xibo 1.7.5 on windows (Server 2012/Xampp)

I’m now using an offset of -12 for the clock media type from timeline editor. The time doesn’t seem to link with system time of the CMS machine or the client machines, but drifts out a few minutes a month. Both CMS host and xibo client machines have internet access, and the clock on the layout shows a different time to these systems (all windows, using NTP). Region is set correctly (London) in CMS settings.

I can just adjust the offset to compensate every once in a while, but wondered if there’s anything in the config anywhere to point the clock media types at an internet time source rather than CMS time?

Could be good to use at least 1.7.10 if you want to stay on the 1.7 series and confirm that is still an issue.

If the time and timezone is correctly set everywhere then I’d expect that to work correctly, although I don’t remember if 1.7.5 had some issues in that regards.