Clock module shows chinese/japanese character on windows player

Hi All,

I’ve read Clock module displaying in chinese 1.7.4 about the issue and corrected it on server, but Windows player still shows Chinese characters. How to repair?

Regards, Marcin.

It’s probably just cache on the Player. It will update when you modify the content on the CMS or clear the player library

Or if you are actually using clock module and not text module with clock, then this topic might help you too:
Clock module does not appear

Unfortunatelly didn’t help.

Peter, I’ve change the default language to pl or even en and on web browser works fine, but on second computer on Windows player shows japanese/cinese characters.

Did you edit the media item after changing the language as I think you would need to to invalidate the cached version on the Player.

Hi Alex, I have created new layout and in the new layout everything is ok for now, thank you. It’s cache problem, but I don’t know why cache is not refreshing. Thanks a lot.

If you would change something (move existing region, add other region with something different etc.) then player would download it again and it should be fine (as it is with new layout).

Anyway, we are glad that it is fixed now :smile: