Clock module missing 1.7.4

I have two 1.7.4. instances and one had the clock module and the other does not. I have run ‘Verify’ modules but it does not show up.

Has it been disabled in the modules list? CMS -> Modules -> Find Clock -> Edit -> Enable.

It doesn’t appear in the list of modules so I can’t enable or disable it.

Can someone check on this instance?

I am anxious to get the clocks working because I am moving to android displays.

If the module is missing completely, I would reinstall. Double check the file and folder permissions before the reinstall.

Yeah, in ‘normal’ circumstances that would be the way to go.

I’ve contacted John via pm, we had a look at his CMS instance, since it’s hosted with us, we were able to fix it.
Clock module is back!

Ah, I did not know it was a hosted version.