Clients not loading layouts

I’ve (finally) installed Xibo on a Linux based server and got everything working.
I can get into the CMS, make the layouts etc. but when I schedule it down to a test client, nothing happens?

The client is just sticking on the Xibo splashscreen.

The error logs are a bit confusing, saying something about defaulttemplate so I copied it across to a new layout, but still no luck.

Ideas please? :smile:

What CMS and client versions do you use please?
Is it android or windows client?
Is your layout rendered valid in CMS / client?

Could you please show us a screenshot of status window on your device?
For Windows client, press “i” on your keyboard to bring the status window
For Android client, navigate with your mouse to the top right corner of action bar and click “Status” to bring the status window.

Version 1.7.6 (fresh install of the latest version from the site)
Windows client
Not sure what you mean by that sorry!



In your Xibo for Windows client options, could you tell me what path do you have in “Local Library” ?
By default it’s C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Xibo Library
It can’t be set to the same path as the CMS library.

That’s the path which is set - C:\Users\username\Documents\Xibo Library

Deleted all content/designs/screens and restarted. Seems to be okay now.

Sorry for the delay, I am glad to hear that it seems to be ok now.

Just a suggestion, please make sure you have some simple not often changed layout set as a default one for your device and schedule the more complex layout.
This way even if there is something wrong with the scheduled content (or some other issue like the one you had here) your client should always be able to display the default layout (probably better than the splash screen :smile: )

Since it seems to be resolved, I’ll close this topic.