(client-v2-R 200) The trailing whitespace in the data set displayed by the player is trimmed

I am using the following environment.
・xibo-cms -2.2 .1
・xibo-client-v2-R 201 -win 32 -x 86 (on win 10)

The situation is as follows.
・The player plays the layout, including the dataset ticker.
・The data set ticker is used as a “scrolling ticker” like news subtitles.
・The data set used consists of an id and a column of type string.
15 double-byte spaces " " are inserted at the end of each sentence
Example:"It’s sunny today. "

The problem is that this trailing space is automatically trimmed. Previously it was not trimmed.
I noticed this when I distributed it to players after a long time.

So my question is:

・Who trims this trailing space?

I have already checked the xlf file for the layout.
From cms to player, I have confirmed that the document is sent correctly. (The 15 spaces are in the xlf file.)

Generally, spaces in HTML aren’t rendered - you might need to use some CSS instead to achieve that padding.

Xibo wraps each item in a <div class="item"></div> which you can apply some CSS to (the marquee will apply a padding-left already, so you could do a padding-right for example).

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Thank you for your reply.
When I want to pad a space, it is better to control it with css than using a space character.
I’ll try.


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