Client Unable To Download Resources

CMS is on 1.7.3. I have 3 Content players, 1 running 1.7.3 and the other 2 running 1.7.2. I have 2 resources that all 3 of these players will not download. It downloads the layout ID just fine, but not the resource ID associated with the layouts. I’ve cleared out the entire xibolibrary folder on 1 of the machines to no avail. The layouts in CMS are update the RSS feeds for these layouts just fine.

Lastly, these layouts have been working just fine for weeks. Why would they just break all of a sudden?

Here is a recent image of the logs on one of the players.

What are the resources? Tickers?

If so, perhaps the CMS can’t access the feed URL correctly? That would trigger the error you see.

So we have multiple Tickers “RSS Feeds” coming out of our SharePoint site that feed into the CMS. Occasionally these RSS feeds will be empty. Meaning there are no new feeds and as such there are is no content. The resources seem to stop downloading to the player once this happens. As soon as I put a “Test Event” in one of the feeds the resource will download @ 100% and I will start seeing the RSS feed on the player again.

Here is the general breakdown of what happens:

  • Topic is created in one of the RSS feeds from SharePoint and we’ll have the feed expire a day later
  • This is feed is then into the Ticker in the CMS
  • Once the expiration happens the resources fail to download and the already expired RSS feed seems to be still cached on the player side

That sounds right then.

An empty feed will trigger an error client side as it’s expecting some content. We do that so that if the feed is empty by accident it will pull a fresh copy next time the layout runs.

Because your feed is empty it will continue to show the cached content until it receives something valid to show.

You’d need to make sure your feeds always contain an item

Is there any way I can request an option for this feature to be disabled? There are times when we have no events at a location and as such would prefer it to display “empty” feeds.

You would need to create a post in the Features section asking for that.