Client/s not playing content

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Installation Method


Operating System

Rocky OS 8


I have a docker installation with 3 different sites all displaying different content. All 3 have been working fine except for 1 site, seems to have stopped displaying all content/layouts.
To fix i tried

  1. Upgraded from 3.0.3 to 3.0.6, not playing at client end
  2. Downgraded Client from xibo-client-v2-R252-win32-x86.msi to xibo-client-v2-R201-win32-x86.msi, doesn’t play
  3. Upgraded Client to Latest version, doesn’t play
  4. Exported all layouts from CMS, Created New Docker instance, re-imported layouts and client doesn’t play. not even playing Default layout
  5. Ran test client on same local Lan as CMS Server, client won’t play

No errors being displayed on Server. only errors i’m getting is the client on the Schedule Status screenshot attached.
No changed had been made for the client to stop working.
Also running on Apache Reverse Proxy

Provide screenshots where possible!

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