Client player resolution seems off but should not

Ok, here is what I have :smile:

  • CMS 1.7.4
  • A resolution of standard 1920x1080
  • A client with that resolution on a monitor with that resolution
  • A layout with that specific size
  • A simple image of that spefic size

Still, it shows like zoomed in on the client (I only see the upper left part, like 2/3rd of it…

I’ve been to the defaultconfig.xml and hardcoded the 1920 and 1080 values… still no luck.

Any idea ?

Here is the Original

And the result

The original is the actual file on the server. The result is a print-screen of the xibo client. Both have the same resolution (1920x1080), so the image is stretched somewhere…

Hi David,

That’s odd, image looks fine (resolution/dpi wise) and it was correctly displayed on my Windows player

I assume you also have 1.7.4 Windows player, correct?

Basically I created simple layout, with 1 full screen region (1920x1080) and uploaded your image and it seems to be fine.
When you test it, does it look the same in CMS preview?

Good morning. In fact, I think it was my laptop+additionnal display that was causing the issue. I did use another pc with dual DP monitors 1920x1080 and it worked well. Case closed :wink:

Thanks a lot!