Client does not display clock with server offline

Hello , I’m new in Xibo , But I 'm in the business for more than five years in another paid system ;
Well I am having problem with RSS tickes and Tb temblastes Clock .
The RSS here the nonfunctional Brazil in Xibo exhibit not and when some can , so display when the local server is online , turn off the client server can not display the clock and RSS tickes


What CMS / client versions are you using please?

Webpage/ embedded /will need active internet connection, you could try ‘Enable caching of Web Resources?’ option in display profile. (Display settings -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> advanced)

Rss feeds, should be cached - how does it work in 1.7 series -
The CMS pulls down new RSS content subject to a cache parameter. The client then downloads that from the CMS to show it. If the CMS is unavailable then cached content will be shown until the client is able to update.

Vou fazer as alterações configuração informada; estou usando a versão 1,7, tenho conexão ativa e também fiz testes em rede local.
Segue alguns links de RSS que preciso , mas não consigo usá-los.

I will make the changes informed configuration; I’m using version 1.7, have active connection and also did testing on the local network.
Follows some RSS links I need, but I can not use them .


Try to validate your rss feeds here -
Perhaps it will give you an idea why it doesn’t work correctly.

Eu estava usando o CMS no windows 10, desinstalei e estou instalando Windows Server 2012 R2.
Qual o melhor windows para CMS???

I was using the CMS on windows 10 , uninstalled and am installing Windows Server 2012 R2.
What is the best windows for CMS ???

That does not really matter that much, you will need XAMPP (or other web server) anyway and it can be installed on both Windows 10 and Windows Server - should be just fine on either of them really.


No CMS na opção no perfil de exibição. (Definições do visor - perfil de exibição atribuído ao dispositivo - avançado) não tem essa opção para player windows, somente para o Android.
Ainda continuo com esse problema de não conseguir ativar o cache de recursos da Web.