Chinese Letters using Text & Clock Module (v.1.7.8)

i am using Xibo CMS 1.7.8. running on a Ubuntu 12.04.4. with php 5.6.24.
As client I use the Windows client and the android client (on several different hardware configs).

I try to display the the actual day and time using [dddd, DD.MM.YYYY] in the clock module or [Clock|dddd, DD.MM.YYYY] in the text module, and it works fine in edit and in preview mode, but on ALL clients i get in both cases chinese letters instead of the written day in my language.

I have read all the other threads about this issue with prior versions and tried all of the provides solutions, but none really helped:

What else can I do?


Hi Torsten,

I’m sorry you’re having troubles.

The issue with Chinese characters should be fixed in version 1.7.7 and later.

I assume your Android and Windows clients are also up to date ie 1.7R61 and 1.7.8?

I’ve just checked the clock module with your [dddd, DD.MM.YYYY] seems to work fine on Android and Windows clients in our office.

Could you please tell me what do you have on regional page in CMS?
Just so we can test exactly the same settings here.

I did my test on a very default settings ie:

i finally resolved this issue.
It seems, that the reason for this was some strange time setting in the ubuntu server.
Besides I used aus default language “de_DE” first, but it should be only “de”.
Thanks for you help

Great, I’m glad it works now.