Changing regions and widgets proprieties of multiple layouts at once

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Version 2.3.10

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Windows Player

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V2 R 257.2


Hello Everybody, im looking for an help with my project.
Ive to create 3 different type of layouts, identical but each one for a different lenguage. Then 15 variations of each layout, in every variation 2 media of a region of the layout change.
If ive to change a media, no problem, i just have to change the media in the library and that change in all the layouts who use it.
But if ive to change the propriety of a widget?
For exemple:
In the lower part there is a weather widget, if ive to change the color of the temperature, do ive to change it for 45 times? or there is a way where i can just change it once (as i can do for the media) and that change everywhere its used?
Ive tried with templates feature but they are just kind of “models” for new layouts… right?

Thank You

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