Changing Background in Layout isn't shown till the browser cache is refreshed


i’ve made same changes to the background of several layouts. The change of background image seemed to be saved, but the layout still showed the old background image.

I need to reload the page with F5 key pressed to refresh the browser cash and have the change to be displayed.

Maybe this could be improved in future versions?

Testes on

  • Windows 10
  • Chrome Browser
  • Layout Preview from Xibo-UI

You’re correct it is like that - although new background image will be sent to the player no matter if you refresh layout designer or not.

Perhaps we could look into it to ensure that it is refreshed when you change background images, I’ve logged an issue for it here -

I found the same problem and at first I got a little crazy (even pressing F5 did not refresh the background)
but with Firefox works perfectly.