Changes to a Playlist not reflected in Layout?

I use a layout including a sub-playlist which itself includes several sub-playlist
My question, is that by changing the media of the second sub playlist I have to save each time the changes in the layout?
how long for the change to take effect
I hope to have been clear I translate from French with google

You just have to check “Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to?” when you’re editing your playlist

Thank you for your reply,
The “Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to?” Box is checked
But to give you an example
I have a lot of layout, in each layout I have a sub-playlist content 10 videos which are planned, by changing a video for example normally, it changes in all the layouts, in my case nothing happens that if I save in the planning while the layout is already planned
it is not possible that the change is made directly just by changing the video
Thank you

From what I understand of Xibo, layout can’t be modified when they’re in pusblished mode, they have to be in draft mode

Hello, so I can try and understand your issue could you confirm the following:
The version and installation method you are using?
Are you adding and removing Videos or using the ‘Replace’ function?
Is your Layout in a Draft or Published Status?
What is the duration of your Layout?

Please provide screenshots where you can so I can see your setup more clearly :slight_smile:

Playlists are independent to Layouts so any changes made to your Playlist would not require you to make any changes to the Layout. If the Layout remains in a Published state any changes should be reflected the next time the Layout reloads or from what you have set for the collect interval from your Display Settings

Thank you

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