Change Xibo Client config.xml Size and Offset


i run two different Xibo Clients with one Win PC with two seperate Libraries. Everything is perfect with one screen.
Now i want to display this to Xibo Players on two Screens and want to determine the Location of the second Player in the config.xml. (Size and Offset)
But after reboot the changes in the config.xml are gone…
When i change the Name of the config.xml (ie in config2.xml) in the Library Folder, Xibo creates after restart a new config.xml with the (old) Default Settings (SizeX = 0, SizeY = 0, Offset=0).
How is it possible that two different config.xml with different Size and Offset settings are executed?

Can someone give me a Hand?


That’s correct, you should not change this file directly as it will take settings from CMS and override your changes.

Speaking of which, you should do your changes in the CMS itself.

Assuming that your players are already identified by CMS as two separate displays on Displays page.

You will want to navigate to Display Settings page -> Create a new display profile (windows type)
Edit your new display profile and set the Size and Offsets & Save your new display profile
Navigate to Displays page -> Edit your ‘second’ display -> Advanced tab -> Assign your new display profile & Save
You can restart your second client to make sure that it will pick up those profile changes.