Change Refresh time on display

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CMS Version

Version 2.3.6

Player Type

Android (Minix NEO U9-H)

we work with Xibo 2.3.6 and Android Player (Minix Neo U9-H) and I have the following problem.
On the display which is connected to the Minix, the representation of the individual regions on the display is renewed every few minutes. Can you set that, for example, that the display is only refreshed every 30 minutes?
Where exactly can I set this?


Hi xiboadm.

My apologies but I was a little unsure from your message if I have understood your issue. I suspect that you are asking how to increase the duration of the widgets in your layout, and therefore the total duration of your layout when displayed. If I have misunderstood, I apologise please can you provide an example of your query, ideally with screenshots.

Each widget has a default duration when first added to a layout. For example, an image file will have a default duration of 10 seconds:

I can increase the duration of this widget by modifying the Duration field you can se in my screenshot on the right hand side. Every widget has this option, which would allow you to increase duration of each item, which will also increase the total duration of the layout before it needs to refresh. I hope this helps to answer your question but if not please let me know.

Many Thanks.

Sorry, but I believe that the display refreshed every minute, not each region field. The hole display.
here an example of my settings.

Thank you for providing the screenshot of your layout. When you create a layout in Xibo, the total length of the layout is based on the longest region. I can see that 3 of the regions have webpage widgets in them. The default duration for a webpage widget is 60 seconds and that is the longest duration for any of your regions, so this is why the total length of the layout is 60 seconds. If you would like any or all of your widgets to play for longer without refreshing, please click on that widget and tick the box named Eine Dauer Setzen? You can see this in your second screenshot on the right hand side, in the Edit Widget window. Set the amount of seconds you want it to run for before refreshing and save to confirm the change. Once you have done this for all of the widgets, please publish the layout to finalise those changes. You should find that the layout is now longer than the original 60 seconds.

Many Thanks.

Hello Chris,

i think you are searching for the collection interval of the player.
You can find this in the Display Settings/ Profile for your type of player. in your case you should check the Android Profile.
Another way is to override the profile just for a single display.
Select Display, Edit Display, Profile Settings Tab, Override Collection Interval.


thanks for the many hints.
I have already made the reference to the profile settings, but it has no effect. The display image is refreshed every 60 seconds.
Will now try to control it via the display time.


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